Trial Advocacy

Trial Advocacy Certification Course

TSA firm Offers Internship Program for Law Students. TSA team noticed that most of the interns/law students are facing issues in core subjects like IPC, Evidence Act and CRPC etc. Since, Due to the past COVID situation, Proper classes could not be held.
The legal knowledge of core subjects(IPC, Evidence ACT , CRPC) with practical Guidance will help the legal Interns in getting more opportunities and securing bright career in the legal field. Hence the TSA legal team has decided to take an initiative of compensatory session to help brush-up the criminal law with practical knowledge of the criminal proceedings of the interested Interns/Law students.
Registration for the workshops would be taken on first come first serve basis and after completion of the workshop a certificate for the same will be issued by our law firm.

Workshop Fees:

Rs 5000/- for Students/Interns*
To apply for the workshops and training sessions apply here.