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Tabish Sarosh and Associates  best litigation law firms in Delhi handles civil litigations or  disputes related to civil liability, personal injury matters, disputes related to Breach of Contract, family law, Property Disputes, Mediation, IPR Infringement Suits, Landlord – Tenant Disputes etc. Civil disputes are private cases in which a party is seeking recompense or remedy for scenarios outside of criminal law. We represent our clients in petitions defenses of these claims before Courts, administrative agencies, and in arbitration proceedings within India. Civil disputes are governed by The Civil Procedure Code (CPC). They are the framework for all civil claims. and provide the rules that are used by civil law firms in Delhi and by the court to pass judgment in these types of cases. They were specifically designed to simplify civil legal proceedings, both in time and cost, and critically provide a guide to behavior and aid judgment where no specific law exists..


Tabish Sarosh & Associates

With extensive experience in civil matters and disputes, we are one of the top corporate and litigation law firms in Delhi to represent our clients.  The lawyers of our firm can be trusted to get sound legal advice. Our civil lawyers in Delhi are known as finest professionals in the practice area. 

Common Types of Civil Dispute

There are many types of civil disputes which are being handled by civil lawyers in Delhi. Most commonly encountered are:

  • Personal injury
  • Breach of contract
  • Family law
  • Property disputes
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Workplace mediation
  • Neighbor disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes.

Personal Injury

A person injured as a result of the negligent conduct of another individual, may wish to seek compensation. Commonly arising from motor vehicle accidents, accidental injuries or defective products, negligence resulting in personal injury is a frequent reason for civil disputes.

Breach of Contract

When one contracted party fails to perform its obligations under the terms of a contract, breach of the contract may be sought under civil terms.

Family Disputes

Disputes and conflicts arising from family relationships are the types of civil litigation cases that most had some experience with at some time in their lives. Separations, child support and monetary arrangements are types of disputes commonly found under this banner.

Property Disputes

Boundaries and rights of way are just a couple of areas of property ownership that can be disputed. The damage and subsequent reparation in these types of disputes, might be more than just monetary.

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Designed to protect both the tenant and the landlord, there are many rules around the governance of property lettings. Disputes as a result are common, particularly in relation to a party’s failure to comply with the terms of a lease and failure to meet tenant standards.

 Workplace Mediation

Workplace conflict is commonplace but managed poorly it can quickly escalate into a dispute. Cases citing lack of opportunity, inadequate training and unfair treatment may benefit from mediation.

 Neighborhood Disputes

When choosing a home, people rarely consider their neighbors and the fact that standards of acceptability vary from individual to individual. As a result, disputes can often arise.

Intellectual Property Disputes

Intellectual property (IP) is within the remit of criminal law but often borders civil claims. In both scenarios, mediation may be a feasible way of reaching a resolution to a dispute.

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