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POSH ACT Training

Sexual harassment at workplace is a crime which exposes the woman to grave mental trauma and creates a hostile work environment for the woman. The POSH (Prevention of Sexual harassment Act) law seeks to empower women to fight against sexual harassment at the workplace. Over the years, with the assistance of POSH Compliance Law Firms in Delhi and with the effectiveness of this Act, it has helped many women in getting justice for the cases of sexual harassment they have faced in the workplace.

Most of the men fail to realize that the act they are committing in the office nonchalantly, might come under the purview of POSH law. This is the same with women employees as even they fail to recognize that many activities or comments that make them feel uncomfortable are covered in the POSH Act and are punishable. Thus, POSH training of employees is a must at any corporation. We at Dr. Dr. Tabish Sarosh and Associates the Best POSH Law Firm in Delhi is

  • Conducting POSH training of employees helps them to get aware of their rights under the POSH Act.This helps women to come out and report any sexual misconduct from a college or a senior in the workplace and so, ensures a safe working environment.
  • POSH Training also enables employees to learn about fake POSH complaints or what can be categorized as malicious complaints. This can reduce no. of false or fake complaints in the organization.
  • Proper POSH training for management makes them aware of the process of creating a robust and effective complaint redressal system.
  • It also helps the management to set up an internal complaints committee.
    Through this 20-hour workshops at our law firm on POSH Act through experienced and expert persons, the officers having specialization in this field and provisions, you will be well-equipped with the complaint’s committees and the compensation provisions to practice in the area of POSH cases.

The structure of the workshop would be as follows:

  1. Introductory session- Introduction to POSH Act
  2. Offences and punishments under POSH Act
  3. Formation of Internal Complaints committee and thorough study of complaint procedure
  4. Trial procedure of ICC
  5. Provisions and latest judgments
  6. Q & A and doubt clarification session

Registration for the POSH workshops would be taken on a first come first serve basis and after completion of the workshop a certificate for the same will be issued by our law firm.
Workshop Fees:
Rs 5000/- for Students/Interns
Rs 8,000/- for professionals & others
To apply for the workshops and training sessions apply here