Job Vacancies


Job Vacancies (TSA/CCIFS) in Association with Business Employment Bureau and Jamia Hamdard Provides the job assistance and Internship to all students who have completed/ appeared in certificate courses in forensic science and forensic nursing etc from CCIFS/ TSA (Intrested Candidates may sent the updated resume on and further contact on 9971695444

NOTE: Applicant must mention the post in the resume and the post must be related to the forensic science  and criminal litigation.

Only those applicants may apply who have  already completed any certificated from CCIFS/TSA.

These Job Placement facilities  is totaly free of cost to the  Students of CCIFS/TSA.

Procedure To apply:

  • Applicant  may apply by E-mail
  • Must attach the certificate received from TSA/CCIFS
  • TSA/CCIFS will short-list  the candidates as per the job profile and send the candidates for interview.
  • TSA/CCIFS will give the training to the candidates to get the jobs as  an when required.

Below are the Available Fields to apply!👇

Criminal litigation

Criminal litigation refers to the process of prosecuting or defending individuals or entities accused of committing crimes. Job opportunities in criminal litigation can include positions such as:

– Criminal Defense Lawyer: Representing individuals accused of crimes and providing legal counsel.
– Prosecutor: Representing the government in criminal cases and presenting evidence against the accused.
– Legal Assistant/Paralegal: Assisting attorneys with research, case preparation, and administrative tasks related to criminal litigation.
– Legal Researcher: Conducting research on legal precedents, statutes, and regulations relevant to criminal cases.

Forensic Science:
Forensic science involves the application of scientific techniques and principles to gather and analyze evidence in criminal investigations. Job opportunities in forensic science can include positions such as:

Forensic Scientist: Analyzing and examining evidence such as DNA, fingerprints, ballistics, or toxicology to assist in criminal investigations.
Crime Scene Investigator: Collecting and processing physical evidence at crime scenes, documenting findings, and providing expert testimony.
Forensic Laboratory Technician: Assisting with the analysis and examination of evidence in a laboratory setting.
Forensic Pathologist: Performing autopsies and determining the cause and manner of death in cases involving suspicious or unexplained deaths.

Document Examiner & Fingerprint Examiner

Assistant professor

Guest Lecturer

Forensic Nursing:
Forensic nursing involves the intersection of healthcare and the legal system, providing specialized care to victims of violence, abuse, or trauma. Job opportunities in forensic nursing can include positions such as:

Forensic Nurse Examiner/SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner): Providing medical care, forensic examinations, and support to victims of sexual assault or abuse.
Forensic Psychiatric Nurse: Assessing and providing mental health care to individuals involved in the criminal justice system.
Correctional Nurse: Providing healthcare services to inmates in correctional facilities, which may involve forensic aspects.