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Our Matrimonial Disputes Law Firm in Delhi is extensively experienced in matrimonial matters and child custody battles.

Tabish Sarosh & Associates  a best Matrimonial Lawyer In Delhi has been providing legal services and legal representation in matrimonial and family law matters. Our Law Firm ensures that people would not undergo mental and financial hardships during divorce proceedings against them or for them, keeping in account their work and family related obligations.

Our Matrimonial DIsputes Lawyers in Delhi have been representing clients before district Courts and hight court in Delhi and other states.


Dr. Dr. Tabish Sarosh and Associates a  best litigation law firm in Delhi knows how to fight your case. We are one of the top best matrimonial disputes law firm in Delhi. The firm is headed by Mr. Dr. Dr. Tabish Sarosh, one of the best Criminal Case Lawyers in Delhi and Best Divorce lawyer in Delhi (Rohini Court).

Our best litigation law firms in Delhi based law firm provides you with top notch legal advice. The firm specializes in Criminal and family matters, thus delivering you legal services from the best Criminal and matrimonial lawyer in Delhi. Combining knowledge with an effective, solution oriented approach to meet the needs of our clients in all areas of law, specifically- Matrimonial, Real-Estate, Adoptions, Criminal, Domestic Violence Litigation, Medical Negligence, Arbitration, Corporate Laws and problems pertaining to Immigration and Citizenship.

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