Prerna Tiwari


Dr. Dr. Tabish Sarosh & Associates

Intern at Tabish Sarosh & Associates

Prerna Tiwari

Legal Assistant

Tabish Sarosh & Associates is thrilled to welcome Prerna Tiwari, a bright and driven 5th-year BBA LLB student from Army Law College, to our growing litigation team. Armed with a sharp legal mind and a passion for navigating the complexities of courtroom battles, Prerna boasts a stellar academic record and a keen interest in the intricate world of criminal law.

Furthermore, Prerna’s background is as unique as her talents. Hailing from a proud army family and representing the first generation of lawyers in her lineage, she brings a fresh perspective and unwavering dedication to her work. This means she understands the importance of discipline, punctuality, and meticulous attention to detail, qualities that make her a valuable asset to any legal team.

Therefore, her unwavering dedication fuels her ambition to champion the cause of justice, particularly within the realm of criminal law. As a result, she seamlessly aligns with Tabish Sarosh & Associates’ dedication to providing exceptional legal representation and fighting tirelessly for client success.

Internship Tenure: 3 January 2024 – 31 January 2024