Criminal Case

Criminal Case

Legal practices    are divided into two umbrella categories i.e. civil litigation and criminal litigation. Civil litigation refers to the lawsuit between two parties, whereas Criminal litigation is more concern with crimes committed. Criminal litigation is a case between state and individual. Criminal litigation is basically concern with the matters in criminal court.

Although there is a major difference between criminal and civil cases. Criminal cases required higher standard of proof. Prosecutor must proof the offence of the accused beyond reasonable doubt.

Tabish Sarosh & Associates is a legal firm with extensive experience in criminal cases and quasi-criminal cases particularly. We have represented various cases of higher importance with an absolute majority rate of success. We have a team consisting aptly qualified and highly professional advocates, who are specifically specialised in criminal law. We further represented numbers of high profile cases with absolute success.

Our team is extremely equipped, qualified and experience in criminal litigation. In criminal law, a legal principle always prevail i.e presumption of innocence. It means that there is a presumption until proven guilty. If there is FIR lodge against you, it does not automatically means that you are the guilty one, one have to go through the trial for the conviction and to declare you guilty. This also the reason behind the provision of bail. As you the presumed innocent until conviction (if any) you have all the right to you freedom. And you can demand bail before the court of justice for it. And it is our solemnized duty to make every possible right available to you. Or is our duty to ensure that you are not being ceased with any right of which you are rightfully entitled to.

Our team in Tabish Sarosh & Associates investigates every nuances of the cases and provide the adequate solution of the problem concerning with the case. Our firm provides services in the matters such as bail matters, POCSO, Juvenile Justice act, DV act, et cetera. Our firm is also very concern with the issues relating to FIR & Complaint cases, as we provide adequate legal assistance for the same.

Here we believe in justice, equity and good conscious and our soul aim is to satisfy the client, though clients are always in distress with the continuos legal proceedings. Its out duty to provide them proper legal remedy as well as compensation of the harm and trauma they are going through with.